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Judy Atkinson Interview with Joe Tucci

Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson is a Jiman (central west Queensland) and Bundjalung (northern NSW) woman, with Anglo-Celtic and German heritage. In this interview, she discusses her many years of experience of knowing and practicing Indigenous ways of healing from trauma.

Being Authentic & Owning Mistakes

In this Quick Insight, Dr. Lorraine E. Fox talks with Glenys Bristow about the importance of using who you are and being authentic with young people in therapeutic care.

Relationships & Behaviour

In this Quick Insight, Dr. Lorraine E. Fox talks with Glenys Bristow about limit setting and building relationships with young people in therapeutic care.

In Conversation with Dr. Lorraine E. Fox

In this interview, Lorraine E. Fox discusses boundaries and limit setting with Glenys Bristow. How do you get the balance right?

Therapeutic Opportunities during COVID-19

In this interview, Vanessa Farrell Therapeutic Care Manager at Anglicare talks about the impact of COVID-19 on young people and staff in the context of residential care and the opportunities it offered for connection, healing and hope.

Supporting Young People in Residential Care during COVID-19

In this webinar, Noel MacNamara explores some key strategies for supporting young people in residential care during COVID-19.

What is Therapeutic care?

What is Therapeutic Care? Are we all talking about the same thing when we talk about ‘Therapeutic Care’? Why has this become a topic of interest? What are the theoretical foundations and concepts that underpin this work, and what young people in Therapeutic Care tell us about their experiences?

Working with Complex Trauma

In this video, Dr Gatwiri’s video expands viewers understanding of not just what complex trauma is but a look at what trauma-informed intervention looks like.

Role of Therapeutic Specialist

In this short video, Noel MacNamara highlights the three main focuses of a Therapeutic Specialist.

Supervision in Front Line Practice

Supervising frontline practice with Dr Lynne McPherson

Care Teams

“The care team is a vertical team in a horizontal world…” Noel MacNamara shares his perspectives on the role and function of care teams.

Change Management

An informative video training session on the principles and challenges of change management in NSW therapeutic Care settings.