Foundational Training in Intensive Therapeutic Care

The Foundational Training in Intensive Therapeutic Care is a training resource for all staff who work in Intensive Therapeutic Care Agencies (ITC) in NSW. This recommended course supports the development of a common knowledge base and a shared way of understanding the principles of supporting young people who are looked after by agencies in the ITC system.


By completing the course, practitioners at every level will be able to:

    • Draw on a range of theories and evidence based practice to underpin your own professional practice
    • Understand traumatised children and young people and how best to support them in the residential care environment
    • Build and apply specific strategies for working with children and young people that are both reparative and capacity building
    • Supportively influence cultural safety and cultural strengths in the lives of children and young people
    • Work collaboratively with children and young people, families and other professionals to enable positive outcomes
    • Effectively utilise reflective practice processes to support your own practice and wellbeing

The course explores the following important topics

  • An overview of the ITC system, critical elements of a trauma-informed organisation and system and ethical practice considerations<
  • The impact of trauma on development of children and young people>
  • Cultural considerations for Aboriginal young people and those from CALD backgrounds
  • Introduction to care transitions
  • Engagement and participation of young people<
  • Creating therapeutic care environments
  • Relationship-based approaches to the care and support of young people
  • Responding to trauma-based behaviours
  • Care teams and collaboration
  • Reflective practice
  • Secondary traumatic stress and self-care
  • Therapeutic care and significant disability

The whole course is delivered online via a series of twelve self-paced modules. It is easy to follow and includes videos and plenty of examples and opportunities for reflection.

Organisational Enrolment

Organisations can take advantage of our special introductory fee structure. By enrolling groups of 50 or more, ITC agencies will

• Receive a special login to send out to all their staff that makes enrolling simple to achieve
• Be able to track the progress of each of their staff through receiving regular reports about the training
• Be able to easily and quickly enrol staff as they are recruited into their roles
• Download the certificates of completion for their staff to ensure compliance.

We have a special Introductory Price until the end of 2021 with special discounts for group bookings of more than 50. All prices are inclusive of GST.

1-50 participants $99
51-100 participants $88
101-200 participants $77
201-400 participants $66



In order to enrol a group of staff into the course,

Email our Support Services Team at

who will be able to provide advice and set your organisation up to take part in this important training.

Individual Enrolment


If you are an individual working in ITC Agency or about to be employed in an ITC Agency and would like to pay and complete the course yourself, then follow the registration button below. The cost of the course is $99 (GST Inclusive). Once you have enrolled, you will be able to immediately work through it at your own pace and at a time that best suits you. You will be able to download a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Register Now

Name Date Time Location Cost
Foundational Training in Intensive Therapeutic Care Online 12:00 am - 12:00 pm Online $99.00

All credit card payments will receive a surcharge of 1.6% per transaction. All workshop payments must be made by Credit Card.

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