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Caring for children and young people with trauma - carer training


What is the purpose of this training?

This training will provide foundations of trauma responsive care, incorporating an understanding of trauma and its impacts and principles and strategies for responding to children and young people in care.  The training will be delivered by the Australian Childhood Foundation’s Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care through an online platform.

The program aims to:


  • Enable foster and kinship carers to access high quality, evidence based learning programs that are consistent with training received by DCP staff
  • Build the capacity of carers to apply trauma informed approaches to caring for children and young people

Why is this training helpful for carers?

The training has been developed by widely experienced industry and lived-experience experts who have used trauma-informed approaches in the care and support of children and young people. Their real-life and first-hand experience offer unique insights into how trauma-informed care can make a world of difference to children and young people.

How do I find out more?

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