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Sibling Placement in Out-of-Home Care – research brief

The significance of sibling relationships for children and young people in out-of-home care is well documented by national and international scholars (Luu, Conley, Wright & Cashmore, 2020). These relationships offer an opportunity for children to...

This research brief examines what we know about sibling placement in Australia and explores findings about ways to support siblings in out-of-home care.

Understanding the Needs of Kinship Carers in Australia – research brief

Kinship care placements in Australia are now more prevalent than foster care. They are the fastest growing form of out-of-home care in this country (AIHW, 2021). On 30 June 2019, 93% of Australian children in...

This research brief examines what is known about children in kinship care and identify kinship carers needs and key messages from the research.

The strengthen connections and relationships project

What is this research about? Young people in residential care face major challenges that can prevent them from forming healthy relationships and a strong personal identity, which are critical building blocks for their wellbeing and...

This research aims to understand the practices that help young people living in therapeutic residential care to have a positive self-identity and to form strong, healthy relationships.

Enabling young people’s participation in residential care decision-making – research brief

The literature on how young people participate in decision-making in residential care identifies three main aspects of participation: being able to access information to take part in decisions that matter; having opportunities and capabilities to...

This research brief explores the importance and strategies for supporting young people’s participation in residential care decision making.

The needs of LGBTIQ young people in out of home care -research brief

Young people who are same sex attracted, trans or gender diverse – a population who will be referred to in this document as LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/ questioning) except in particular...

This research brief provides an overview of what is known about the experience of young LGBTIQ young people in therapeutic care need and how those working with young people currently residing in and who have experience of care can be best supported.

    Strengthening relationships for young people in residential care

    The CETC is excited to announce that it has successfully secured an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant to undertake a project that looks at ‘Strengthening relationships for young people in residential care’ (project number LP210100177).

     Led by CETC research partner, Southern Cross University the project brings together a leading team of international experts and researchers to find out what practices within residential care might enhance young people’s identity formation, positive social connections, safety and wellbeing, and ultimately give young people in residential care a better life experience.