Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care

Our Vision


The vision of the Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care is to be a source of credible knowledge that can be used to enable the implementation of best practice approaches to therapeutic care.

The purpose of the Centre is to

  • systematically build, synthesise and translate knowledge;
  • support the development of a collective understanding and capacity to enact therapeutic care across the ITC system and related sectors; and,
  • foster a shared ownership for the achievement of high-quality outcomes for young people.

The focus of the Centre

The focus of the Centre is to distribute the right information to practitioners and key sector stakeholders at the right time and in the right format to influence and shape practice, service delivery and system collaboration. The Centre’s activities are underpinned by a dynamic understanding of the ways in which people know, learn and act within complex systems of change, of which the Centre is itself a part.

Charter of Engagement

The Centre has a Charter of Engagement which articulates its approach to working in collaboration with agencies involved in the care and support of young people.


You can download it by clicking here: Charter of Engagement