Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care

Knowledge to Action Framework


The Centre draws on a ‘Knowledge to Action’ Framework to underpin how it works with ITC agencies and relevant sectors. This framework is represented in the diagram below.

Australian Childhood Foundation knowledge to action framework

The four domains of the framework (1) knowledge building and collation, (2) knowledge translation, (3) knowledge collaboration and (4) service and system innovation are represented as a series of nested ovals to highlight that there is a common origin for all of them: enabling access to knowledge from multiple sources. There is no linear progression between the different functions and no hierarchy in terms of which one is ‘better’. Instead, each encompasses aspects of the other – they are systemically related. The Knowledge To Action Framework assumes a systems perspective and situates knowledge producers and users within a system of knowledge that is responsive and adaptive. As such, the process of moving evidence to action is iterative, dynamic and complex.

Using this approach, the Centre synthesises and translates information from a range of sources to build a shared body of usable knowledge through real-time interactive processes that continuously improve and lead consensus and congruence about practice, service delivery and systems interface.

The Centre performs three key functions across the four domains of this framework:

Informing function:

creating, collecting, codifying, storing, and communicating ideas and information over time and across different geographies – to make it more accessible and usable

Relational function:

improving relationships between key stakeholders within organisations and across systems to enable co-production of knowledge and genuine dialogue, taking into account the power dynamics between all those involved

Systems function:

working across the whole ITC system and related sectors to enable change that promotes an effective institutional environment for sustainable innovation.