Module 2

How to apply the Joint Protocol in ITC and residential care settings

Module 2

How to apply the Joint Protocol in Intensive Therapeutic Care and residential care settings.

In this module presented by Peter Le Breton, MacKillop Family Services explores the application of Annexure A of the Intensive Therapeutic Care model in supporting young people living in residential care and managing young people’s behaviour in a way that is consistent with the principles of therapeutic care.

This includes:

  • considered placement of young people and creating optimum client household mix
  • recruitment and training of residential care staff
  • clear policies and procedures
  • the importance of the role of the Therapeutic Specialist in progressing the therapeutic aspects of the young person’s individual needs in their Behaviour Support Plan
  • understanding Annexure A and de-escalating issues where Police have and have not been engaged
  • the role of the Liaison Officer as the point of contact with the local Police Crime Unit Manager
  • cross agency positive relationship building, regular meetings between residential care providers and local Police


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Presented byPeter Le Breton, MacKillop Family Services.


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