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Empowering young people’s sexuality: An attachment-based understanding of harmful sexual behaviours and sexual exploitation in out-of-home care

Whilst there are several risk factors that can contribute to a young person engaging in harmful sexual behaviour, relational trauma and abuse are particular considerations for those in out of home care. Understanding the impact of trauma and the attachment needs of the young person is critical in empowering healthy sexual development. Supporting a young person’s sexual development, education and understanding is a difficult area for any caregiver, let alone for a caregiver of a young person who has harmed sexually. Children and young people seek connection and belonging and those with unmet attachment needs are more susceptible to sexual exploitation and harmful sexual behaviour as they strive to meet those needs. Striking the balance between empowerment and limit setting through an attachment relationship can be difficult and such a balance is required to return a young person to a more prosocial developmental trajectory and to relate safely with others.
Using relevant and real-world cases studies, this workshop will:
  • Revisit the fundamentals of attachment focused parenting.
  • Assist workers in identifying attachment seeking behaviours and how these relate to harmful sexual behaviors and sexual exploitation.
  • Explore protective factors that ameliorate risk of harmful sexual behaviour and sexual exploitation.
  • Support workers in developing limits (safety plans) whilst empowering a young person’s sexual development.

Target Audience

 Case managers, residential workers, direct care workers, house supervisors, therapeutic specialists and more working with young people in out of home care and intensive therapeutic care. 


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