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Let’s Talk: Pornography, consent and young people’s sexual development in out-of-home care

Recent media attention on sexual assaults in schools and workplaces across Australia raise important questions about how young people learn about sex, consent, healthy relationships and sexuality. For those working with young people in out of home care, and specifically intensive therapeutic care, these questions can cause discomfort and confusion about how and when to provide appropriate support. At the same time, pornography is increasingly believed to play an influential role in shaping beliefs, expectations, and desires of young people with research indicating that most young have viewed pornography by the age of 15.  Whilst there is no direct causal link between the viewing of pornography and engaging in harmful sexual behaviour, young people’s continued exposure to violent and degrading material available on pornography sites is concerning.

Using relevant and real-world cases studies, this online workshop will:
  • Explore the role of pornography in young people’s lives, 
  • Assist workers identify issues of concern versus normal sexual development,
  • Explore the relationship between pornography and issues of harmful sexual behaviour and vulnerability to child sexual exploitation
  • Support workers to consider how to help young people understand and navigate issues of consent
  • Identify strategies to support young people to identify healthy relationships and critical media consumers 

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Target Audience

Residential workers, direct care workers, house supervisors, therapeutic specialists and more working with young people in out of home care and intensive therapeutic care. 


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Let’s Talk: Pornography, consent and young people’s sexual development in out-of-home care 29 June 2021 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm Virtual Classroom $88.00

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