Supporting Young People in Residential Care during COVID-19

In this webinar, Noel MacNamara – Executive Manager, Research and Policy from CETC – offers a range of helpful strategies to support young people and staff in residential care during COVID-19. He shares some ideas around how to foster the experience of safety for young people in care and reflects on online safety and supporting critical media literacy skills in young people.

Check it out below. It runs for 45 minutes.

Tip sheets and online resources

Australian Psychological Society (APS): Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety

Beyond Blue: Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Dr Russ Harris, physician and psychotherapist: How to respond effectively to the coronavirus(using the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

WHO: Mental health and psychosocial considerations during COVID-19 outbreak

Ted article: “I’m incredibly anxious about coronavirus”

ACWA Guidelines: Residential Care Settings for Young People in OOHC & COVID-19


Mindfulness & Meditation apps

Smiling Mind– free mindfulness meditation app to help you look after your mental health and manage stress and daily challenges.

Headspace – free “Weathering the Storm” program available to help support the global community through this time including  a curated list of calming meditations, help with sleep, and at-home workouts or movement exercises.