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Research. Practice. Capacity Building. Collaboration.

Supporting Excellence in Therapeutic Care

The Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care is a division of the Australian Childhood Foundation. We mobilise knowledge about “what works” in out of home care to better resource carers and organisations supporting children and young people living all forms of care including foster and kinship care, residential care and secure care.

We question, start conversations, embrace collaboration, advocate for children’s rights and act with courage. We are a thought leader in therapeutic approaches to out of home care, with our community of practitioners, researchers and lived-experience experts at the heart of what we do.

We leverage contemporary digital solutions to expand the ways carers and professionals access and engage with training and peer-learning about trauma-informed care. We do this through accredited and non-accredited training, facilitation of peer networks, leading research initiatives, and translating knowledge to guide practice.


1 - We Make Knowledge Accessible & Fill the Gaps

We produce a range of research and practice-based resources to support carers, therapeutic workers, and organisations supporting children and young people in out of home care. These include Research Reports, Research Summaries, Practice Guides and Tools, and Practice Reflections.

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2 - We Support Knowledge to be applied to Practice

The CETC provides a range of training and capacity building activities, including:

  • Provision of the Foundational Training in Therapeutic Care, Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation and other online courses
  • Facilitation of Communities of Practice and peer learning groups for therapeutic specialists and clinical leads
  • Tailored consultancies for residential care and out-of-home-care agencies regardless of context and location

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3 - We Co-Produce New Knowledge

The CETC responds to the evolving knowledge and practice needs of therapeutic care. As such, we initiate research projects that seek to identify and expand knowledge around best practice in close collaborations with our research and sector partners.